Making the unaffordable affordable

Sales leaders who don’t break the P&L.

The cream always rises to the top. In return in the sales profession the best get heavily rewarded. Usually the most talented sales leadership professionals end up in large corporate organisations. Typically being paid a salary beyond the reach of a smaller business which means the best talent is always out of reach.

Having an Interim Sales Leader working on a flexible contract from a few hours per month up to 1-3 days a week means you can afford the quality of Sales Director that will take you to the next level. Depending on the scale of your goals we may be in your business for a few weeks, a few months or we can be the angel on your shoulder for as long as it takes for your business to be able to afford a full time sales leader. We will even help you recruit that person.

We offer the flexibility of just paying an invoice once a month instead of incurring a heavier payroll and the associated PAYE costs, company car, health care, pensions and all those expenses makes it easy and economical.

Regardless of how much time we spend together every month, one thing is guaranteed…

We are in your corner working with you to drive sales revenues!

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