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Meet Richard FewChief Geek

I was 13 years old when I was set my first sales target working part time in a local golf club pro shop. With a much wanted reward waiting for me if I achieved the target I got focussed and worked hard. I did achieve it and my then boss honoured his promise and I got my first hit of sales adrenaline

Fast forward to 2017 and I have had an amazing 15 years in my chosen profession, fine tuning my craft and making my journey from sales person, to sales manager and ultimately sales director.

Very early on in my career I developed an obsession with the science of my profession, reading, listening, watching and practicing the art that has given me so much. I have been privileged to work with and for some amazing people along the way in businesses, from start ups to £1bn corporations. All in a mixture of industries and along with the authors of many books I give thanks to them all for my success so far.

​While I will always be learning, the time has come to take what I have learnt and deliver it back to the businesses that need it the most through Sales Geek. The business world is constantly changing and providing fresh challenges for SME’s; selling product and services, my ambition is to guide as many of those SME’s as possible to success. I hope you join me for the journey.journey.

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Meet Jonathan FinchChief Training Geek

I’ve always had sales in my blood.  From the age of 13 I was selling sweets, soft drinks and chocolate to friends and students in the playground.  Jamie Oliver had just decided that all schools needed to rid their students of anything enjoyable and while everyone else seemed to be moaning about it, I saw an opportunity.  It wasn’t just about the money, it was about the fact that I was providing a service and people loved it.

I learned very early on in life that I was destined to work in sales…  Why fight it… when you know, you know!

I started my professional career in PPI as a claims manager at the age of 18.  My job was to manage the clients claims through various processes until they received their money back from the bank or financial ombudsman.  I remember walking in on the first day, seeing the sales team across the office, marching up and down on their mobiles looking like they worked on wall street and I wanted a piece of the action (this may have been a call centre in Blackburn, but I was only young)

I’d been there three days when the Sales Director took me in to an office and sat me down quite sternly.  I thought I was going to be sacked, but he explained very calmly that my job was to “manage the claims process, not to try and sell people our other services”.

He eventually gave up trying to convince me to manage the claims and sat me with the sales team the next day.  I was in the club…  and I loved it!

A few years later and I have moved from Sales Exec, to Sales Manager, Head of Training and Development and Finally to Sales Director at one of North West’s largest universities.  While I loved being at the head of an organisation, I always knew that my calling was helping other members of staff to succeed and I had almost no time remaining to do this with the amount of meetings and planning that comes with being at the forefront of a company.

After a chance meeting with Richard Few, learning about his journey, beliefs and ethos, we co-founded the training arm of the business two days later.

I am a great believer in the power of people and my life-long dream is to help as many businesses, and sales people, across the world harness their full potential in order to build better a better, more sustainable, future for themselves.


“Don’t wish it were easier, wish that you were better” – Jim Rohn

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