Sales Geek Onboarding Package – 6 Tailor Made Sales Courses to Ensure Your New Recruit is A Roaring Success

Its often difficult in a senior leadership role to offer the support, guidance, attention and training that new sales staff need, while juggling all other aspects of your daily role.

Our on boarding package means you can focus on the important stuff while we take care of ensuring your new member of staff can hit the ground running.

Sales Geek Onboarding Package

6 Tailor Made Sales Courses to Ensure Your New Recruit is A Roaring Success
  • Introduction to Sales Course  – Start With You: Helping you lay secure foundations for sales growth
  • Improve Your Sales Figures by Appealing to Clients On An Emotional Level – Emotional Selling: Appeal to your clients on an emotional level and watch your sales soar
  • Negotiating and Closing More Business – Close More Business Today: Developing your negotiating skills so you can close more deals, more often
  • Identifying, Approaching and Closing New Clients – Find, Approach, Close: Taking new prospects on a journey to becoming clients and fans
  • Seeing an Immediate Return From Your Social Media Selling Strategy – Social Selling Strategy: How to see an immediate return from you social sales strategy
  • Becoming One of the Top Performers In Your Industry – Becoming a Top Sales Performer: Helping you build and develop a brand that drives your sales exponentially

If you want to discuss any of our packages, design something around your specific requirements or find out more about how we can help you create more sustainable revenue streams, please drop us a message and one of our Sales Geeks will be in contact.

Group Packages

Our group packages have been designed to enable businesses with larger sales teams the chance to design a specific training and development strategy for each member of their team based on their own skill set and level of experience.

By purchasing 4,6, 12 or 24 courses for your staff, you can make savings of up to over £1416.00.  All course credits are valid for up to 12 months so we can work with you to ensure your sales team receive the best value from their time with us and you see immediate and sustainable results in their sales figures.

Group or full Sales Team Bookings

If you wish to book multiple places for a number of staff on our open courses, you can make a large saving by confirming 4,6,12 or 24 courses.  These credits are eligible for any of the modules detailed.

4 Course Package

discount of 5% saving of £59

£1,180.00 £1,121.00 Ex. VATBook now

6 Course Package

discount of 10% saving of £177

£1,770.00 £1,593.00 Ex. VATBook now

12 Course Package

discount of 15% saving of £531

£3,540.00 £3,009.00 Ex. VATBook now

24 Course Package

discount of 20% saving of £1416

£7,080.00 £5,664.00 Ex. VATBook now

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