“Working with Sales Geek over the past month has been a real breath of fresh air. The ideas and passion they brought to our business has really helped invigorate us. We are confident that the next couple of months are going to produce some amazing results”

Chris Higgs
Sales Director, Freedom Heat Pumps

I had a good chat with Richard and was really impressed with what he said and his genuine commitment to help.

I had a variety of ideas about how to grow the business but hadn’t developed or implemented any of them.

Sitting down and discussing my thoughts with Richard gave me focus and clarity. He provided us with a business plan ensuring a strong future for the company.

With Richard’s guidance, we are busier than ever before and continue to employ additional staff as Ribble Valley Heating grows.

Phil Barlow
Co-owner, Ribble Valley Heating

Sales Geek have been absolutely pivotal in the direction Framing Incredible has taken. They helped us to completely change our business model and turned it on its head.

We now have a business which is in an amazing position with unlimited potential.

I was so impressed with Sales Geek’s work as sales director and what they have done for Framing Incredible, that I made them a shareholder in the company. They are that valuable to us.

They have a fantastic pedigree and is just what we needed. We’ve gained a full-time sales director for a fraction of the price but with 100 per cent of the benefits and expertise.

Adrian Meakin
Director, Framing Incredible

Sales Geek have given me that little bit of an edge that I needed to make it easier to generate more business opportunities.

They acted as my business coach and given me the belief I needed when I’ve doubted myself.

They reminded me that the only person stopping me from succeeding is me, and instilled the belief that I can do it.

Sales Geek makes it all so much easier because they challenge you to actually go out there and do it! They’ll ask questions and don’t have any issues informing you that your thought-process is not quite what it should be.
Richard and Catherine are brilliant at what they do and they genuinely care about your business.

They’ve helped me get my mindset, product and pricing all right so I can take it out there and succeed!

Dean Williams
Owner, Unicorn Solutions

I had the pleasure of working with Richard in his capacity as Head of UK Sales at acdc from Oct 2011 until I left acdc in Dec 2014. Richard is an instinctive sales specialist, a uniquely compassionate leader and an exceptional mentor to his team. Indeed it’s Richards compassion and empathy for his team which sees him consistently rewarded with exceed sales targets, great loyalty and continued staff retention. I’m delighted to see Richard taking the bold step to start the Sales Geek journey. Richard is ambitious, knowledgeable and extremely likable. You can trust him to deliver and provide sound advice. I look forward to seeing his business grow in the years ahead.

Victoria Dobson
Head of Marketing (Personal Division) Simpson Millar, Fairpoint Group PLC & Board Member of Pendle Leisure Trust

I have had the pleasure of working with Richard in several companies now and would highly recommend him. He has the right balance of professionalism and fun to make customers and staff alike feel at ease and confident in him. Personally I have gained a lot from working with Richard and he has helped me grow and shape my own management and leadership skills. What sets Richard apart from the rest is a forward thinking modern approach to business and a drive to put people first. Both are a must when building modern sales strategies and business infrastructure.

Andrew Paddon
Head London Specification, Lumenpulse Group

Richard is one of the most professional and dedicated Sales professionals I have worked with. He takes the time to gain a deep technical understanding of his portfolio of products and is highly disciplined in his approach to sales processes. Richard cares about the people he works with and his attitude commands respect and loyalty from those around him.

Paul Freedman
Founding Partner, Four Elements LLP - Strategic Consultants

I would highly recommend Richard, he is a true professional & nothing is too much trouble. His friendly & genuine nature along with true professionalism is a winning combination!

Martin Kallend
Owner, Illuminow

When I first met Richard in June 2014 what instantly struck me was his modern approach to leadership and sales. He has an ability to bring a diplomatic view and rational sense of logic to challenging situations. Over these few years I’ve observed Richard in 3 different sales roles and seen him excel as a sales leader. During this time I had the opportunity to learn from him and positively impact my own career. He has always offered very sound guidance and advice, I believe he puts others first and wants the team to succeed. Richard has an inherit desire to succeed and achieve which cannot be taught and I wish him every success in his new venture.

David Mercado
Head of Sales , National Specification UK & IE Lumenpulse Group

I originally met Richard about 8 months ago when he worked for one of our suppliers heading up their sales team, Richard struck me as very personable and attentive showing real interest in what we actually did and how we went about our work. The more I spoke with Richard the more I realised that he had a great passion and knowledge about business, not only that but he provided useful insights and advice. When I heard Richard had decided to start up Sales Geek we got in contact straight away, this was a perfect opportunity to get him on-board and to help focus us on objectives that ordinarily we didn’t get a chance to do due to our busy working lives. Richard enabled us to step outside of our business and holistically look at what, how & why we were doing it. By undertaking this Richard has helped focus us on being efficient with our client/projects selection, refine and improve our product offerings and to create strategies to help us achieve organic growth with B2B customers. We are more than happy with our decision to appoint Sales Geek to work with us and we are sure that you will be too.

Barry Townsend
Workplane Light Planning

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