6 Stages to Success


6 Stages to Success

Stage 1 - Discovery

In order to have better understanding of how we can assist your sales team, we need to find out what areas need some assistance. We want to spend time in your business, with your team, finding out exactly what challenges you are facing, to ensure we are offering the best support possible.

Stage 2 - Report and Plan

We report back to you with our suggestions of where we can make the best impact and will work with you to put together a strategy that suits your budget, requirements and timescales.

Stage 3 – The Big Announcement

This is the exciting part! To ensure your team are behind the objective we are trying to achieve, it’s important for us to bring everyone together to explain what we will be doing, why we are doing it and addressing any questions that they may have. We will coach and mentor your team to ensure they are all engaged with your business goals.

Stage 4 - Norming

After any change period, there is a period of normality before we start to see the business performing. This stage allows us to ensure alignment of the team and the rest of the business to reaffirm our ‘why’.

Stage 5 - Performing

This is where we start to see clear and obvious wins in the business. These are great to keep momentum going, but in order for the changes to affect your business, we need to see the process through. Using the momentum we have gained, we use this opportunity to solidify a winning culture. We then establish what it takes to continue this success in a sustainable way while ensuring your team are performing.

Stage 6 - Adjourning

This is the review period where we plan for Sales Geek to exit or lower the amount of time we spend in your business. We will work with your senior leadership team to ensure that they have the skills required to continue the work we have done with the team.

How can we help you?

Contact us at info@salesgeek.co.uk  or submit a business inquiry online.

“Working with Sales Geek over the past month has been a real breath of fresh air. The ideas and passion they brought to our business has really helped invigorate us. We are confident that the next couple of months are going to produce some amazing results”

Chris Higgs
Sales Director, Freedom Heat Pumps

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